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AKM Akhtaruzzaman - CEO - IIEIH

Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital (IIEI&H) began its journey from 1960, under a visionary philanthropist Mr. M A Ispahani. This landmark institution, over the period of times has matured and today, a brand name in the field of quality eye care facilities in Bangladesh. This unique “not for profit” Hospital is dedicated to provide quality eye care services to all segments of the society, with a particular focus towards the underprivileged and poor people of the society.

IIEI&H owes a great deal to the Ispahani family for their unconditional and outstanding support and magnanimity, since its inception. Philanthropic contribution and munificence of our founder is widely recognized with deep respect and honor not only by Islamia family, but across the country. Later, our Ex-Chairman Mr. Mirza Ali Behrouze Ispahani led the institution to a greater height and added new dimensions to the Hospital. He was a source of inspiration and the backbone of our hospital. IIEI&H is now marching ahead to fulfill its mandate, mission, vision and values, under dynamic and magnanimous leadership of the Chairman, Mirza Salman Ispahani, since January 2017.

This institution is also mandated to train doctors, surgeons and paramedics, with a unique effort to capacity-building of eye hospitals across the country. We would continuously strive forward to train sub-specialists in the field of ophthalmology to meet the ever-increasing demands of IIEI&H and the country. Today, we have a dedicated team of more than 1,100 people with 120 full time doctors to serve over 1,000,000 patients annually through our own hospital network.

The hospital had gone through an arduous journey and turned into a center of excellence with devotion and hard work of the Doctors, Nurses and all members of IIEI&H. Bearing in mind, the philosophy of our founder Chairman and also the directives of the Management Committee, we shall devote much more to utilize the “poor fund” and cover a wider range of under-served community. Such endeavors will be beefed up in Dhaka city and surrounding areas shortly.

In spite of the ongoing pandemic situation, our Doctors, Nurses, Support Staffs and all members have worked with bravery and dedication by continuing treatment and providing full services to the patients. Through our robust community service approach, we are also striving to provide services to as many people as possible, taking eye care to the doorstep of the unreached, despite of pandemic scenario. We are providing service through 03 Branch Hospitals and 18 Primary Eye Care Centers across the country with due care and adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

We are committed to fulfill the NABH International Gold Quality Accreditation for healthcare and patient safety.  Though, our process slowed down due to the COVID-19, we shall continuously strive to completing this soon. We are also gradually moving towards paperless environment through incorporating newer technology with an effort to be more systematic, smooth and transparent in our approach. A project is also underway to build a new building, where we shall have 40,000 square feet ‘State of Art’ operation theater complex in line with global standards.

We all are dedicated to our cause and purpose. We always welcome any suggestions and feedback for improvement and we take those happily to strengthen our pathways.


Brig Gen AKM Akhtaruzzaman, ndc, psc (Retd)
Chief Executive Officer