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Notice: Inaugural session of the first batch MS Ophthalmology Residency Program 2021 at Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute & Hospital in affiliation with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University on 06 March 2021. Details

Dear website visitor,
Welcome to the Education Department’s Home page. Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital is one of the leading ophthalmic educational institutions in Bangladesh. The Institute of Ophthalmology was formally established in 1993 to coordinate all doctor and ophthalmic paramedic courses at Islamia, and we have established teaching as part of our mission and our vision. The primary aim is to provide the students and trainees with a modern teaching, training and research facility. To serve that purpose, our department has a wide variety of postgraduate ophthalmic courses and various training opportunities for both ophthalmic doctors and healthcare professionals at Islamia Hospital.

Trainee and students benefit from the wide referral network that Islamia Hospital has established in Dhaka and rural Bangladesh that enables them to see routine as well as complicated cases. With our award winning faculty and state of the art facilities, our students are able to participate in learning from up-to-date information. Our curriculum has been designed to develop clinicians who are well trained in medical and surgical ophthalmology, and who will excel as competent service providers.

The foundation of these programs is derived from our best clinical practices and experience gained over the years. The general framework for these courses is to make them interactive and hands-on so that participants can derive the most benefit from their time spent learning with us.

Islamia wishes to complement the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness global program for the “Elimination of avoidable blindness by 2020” and to meet the national demand of ophthalmic professionals. When we realize that there are so few ophthalmologists in Bangladesh – it is estimated that the ophthalmologist:patient ratio in the US is 1:15,800 while in Bangladesh it is approximately 1:300,000 or more – one can see that the need is enormous! Hence, I encourage you to take part in this learning opportunity. We wish you all the best.



Prof. Sarwar Alam
Director of the Education Department
Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Mission, Vision & Activities

Educate all cadres of ophthalmic professionals so as to build capacity for the nation.

To become an international training centre in ophthalmology for doctors and ophthalmic paramedics from all over the world.

Activities of Education Department Up to September 2020

Course/Program Name

Number of Doctors trained

Start Year


Total Trained

FCPS Part –II Under BCPS 1997 1 year 18
Diploma in Ophthalmology (D.O.) Under BSMMU 1994 1 year 260
Resident Medical Officer (RMO) 2007 2 years 166


Cataract Surgery (SICS long term) 1997 10/8 weeks 265


Cataract Surgery (SICS short term) 2003 4 weeks 102


Phaco emulsification 2006 6 weeks 145


Fellowship in Cornea 2006 15-month 35


Fellowship in Vitreo Retina 2010 15-month 43
Fellowship in Glaucoma 2010 15-month 14


Fellowship in Paediatric 2010 15-month 22


Fellowship in Oculoplasty 2011 15- month 10
Neuro-ophthalmology 2017 15 months 01


Primary Eye Care for Medical Officer 2004 4 weeks 299
Honorary Medical Officer (now held) 2001 1 year 94
Short term fellowships in various specialities 2001 3,8-month 68


ROP Training Program 2017 6 weeks 03


Refreshers Training 2017 1- month 02
Fellowship Cataract 2017 15-month 01
Total:  1548

Foreign Trainees 2009- 2020 - No. of trainees in Phaco, SICS & Fellow

  • Azerbaijan
  • China
  • Germany
  • Jordan
  • Nepal
  • USA
  • UK
  • Egypt
  • Nigeria (Common Wealth)
  • Australia
  • Malwai (Common Wealth)

Course for Non Doctors(2009-2020) - No. of trainees trained

  • MLOP Refraction Certificate Course (Govt)
  • MLOP Ophthalmic Assistant (Govt)
  • Optical Dispensing
  • Ophthalmic OT Management
  • Ophthalmic Nursing (In-house)
  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Techniques
  • FFA, OCT, FP & Biometry
  • Refraction training program
  • Low Vision Training Program
  • Orthoptic Training Program
  • Vision Technician Training
  • Ophthalmic Assistant program