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What are the type of lenses

There are now many different lens options available to patients. Currently, the following types of lenses available are:

Standard lens (monofocal) – This high-quality, clear lens delivers excellent vision at only one distance. The focal point or distance at maximum clarity can be set to distance (driving, golfing, watching TV), intermediate (grocery store shelves, computer, car dashboard), or near (reading, hobbies). There is no extra out-of-pocket cost with a monofocal lens.

Multifocal lens – Designed to reduce your need for eyeglasses for both distance and near vision, this lens gives you clear vision at several distances. This lens is usually more expensive.

Toric lens – Designed to treat astigmatism and deliver excellent vision at a single distance.

Aspheric lens – Designed to improve contrast sensitivity and visual clarity under certain circumstances.