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Outcome of cataract surgery (vision quality, spec etc)

Most people’s sight will improve soon after having cataract surgery, although vision may be blurred for a few days.

Eventually, you should be able to:

  • see things in focus, although glasses are often needed
  • look towards lights without as much glare
  • tell the difference between colours, which will seem brighter

Most people need to wear glasses for near or distance vision – or both – after cataract surgery. This is because artificial lens implants can’t focus on a range of different distances.
The surgeon will normally aim for more focused distance vision, with dependence on reading glasses for close up work, although this depends on the strength of your glasses and individual circumstances.

With glasses, most people have a good enough level of vision to be able to drive and carry out everyday activities without any problems.
Your vision may not be restored to normal if you also have another eye condition or in the rare event of a serious complication.